North Carolina Has Been a Leader in Funding School Meals

But we can do more. Thanks to many NC legislators, the expansion of free school meals for North Carolina students is possible. 

Feeding more students will:

Help Working Families

-Give Students Access to Healthy Meals

-Provide Better Opportunities for North Carolina Students

The Best Arguments for EXPANDING the Program

In partnership with Differentiators Data, Tusk Philanthropies surveyed 900 North Carolina voters – both General Election (500) and GOP (400) – to gain insight about public opinion towards school meal funding at the state-level. After analyzing the final results, the following data-points were concluded.

Boosting North Carolina

Providing no-cost meals may create additional opportunities to partner with North Carolina’s agricultural industry to expand the NC Farm to School program- helping local products make their way into schools statewide.

Momentum is Building:


Ohio: Ohio coalition calling
for lawmakers to address child hunger.

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North Carolina: Campaign State

NC school lunch debt has topped
more than $1M in just the first
few months of school.

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New York: Campaign State

NY should fund free
school lunches for all students
(Guest Opinion by Rachael Ray)

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Washington: Washington State House
and Senate Committee approves
bills that would make FREE school meals
for ALL K-12 students

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DC: Campaign Territory 

DC Council weighs free school
meals for all

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California: During the 2022–23 school
year, schools from kindergarten
to 12th grade will provide two meals
free of charge during each school day to
students, regardless of their free
or reduced-price meal eligibility.
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Pennsylvania: Universal free
breakfast for entire school year.

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Michigan: Currently in the state
governor's 2024 budget proposal.

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Tennessee: Campaign State

Lawmakers propose free school
breakfast, lunch programs for students

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New legislation filed would
allow every Massachusetts
student to receive free
breakfast or lunch in
school without providing
income or other
eligibility information.

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Maryland: Campaign State

Lawmakers introduce
universal free meals
bills in Maryland

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Colorado: Colorado Department
of Education to direct
implementation of free
healthy school meals program
at the start of 2023-2024
academic year.

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Missouri: Campaign State

Free school lunches
may be in store in Missouri

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House passes universal
free meals for Minnesota

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South Carolina: Campaign State

With student meal debt
piling up, SC school district
wants a word with parents

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Oregon: Campaign State

As universal free lunch
takes hold in schools,
Oregon will shift how it
measures student poverty levels

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Connecticut lawmakers
pass bill to fund universal
free meals through the
current school year

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Universal free meals bill
introduced in Nebraska

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The State of Nevada has
announced that they invested
$75 million for free school meals 
for the coming academic year.

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New Mexico:

Bill to provide free
school meals for
every New Mexican child

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Maine: Maine provides free
meals for all students.

Maine’s Farm and Sea to
School Institute is
boosting farm-to-school
efforts in the state

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Montana: Campaign State

Bill proposes connecting
Montana food pantries, farms,

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Rhode Island: Campaign State

Legislation would make lunch
free for all RI public schools

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North Dakota: Campaign State

Free school meals bill sees
changes in committee,
focusing on those at or below
200% of poverty level.

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Vermont: Universal School
Meals Act passed last year,
public school students in
Vermont have been able to eat
free this school year.

Vermont lawmakers look to
make universal meals program

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